So as a freelance Digital Marketer and Content Writer, I can take care of your content and digital marketing requirements. Whether you want to avail my services as one-time work or need regular content churned out. I am here to take care of it all. 

            SEO optimised headlines and content

            Statistics and Research

            Fact-checked resources/links

            An engaging and entertaining voice




           I am currently in Melbourne. So, if you are located close by or within Melbourne- we can meet in person if you prefer to be more hands-on with the work. If you’re anywhere else in the world, the digital world is here to stay! 





Article Writing/ Blog Writing

If you need blog posts, I have over 5 years of experience in writing blog articles both personally and professionally.

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Your brand, your voice, my writing. It is as simple as it gets. I write copies analysing your brand voice and your target audience.

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Website content

Your website is the first thing people see to develop an opinion of you along with your social media channels. So, you need to make it engaging and I can help you with that.

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Social media posts

Social media is increasingly becoming a strong determiner to analyse how well a brand is doing with its audience. Your posts have to be informative, eye-catchy, and engagement-worthy.

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It’s safe to say everyone can write, but there’s one thing that separates them from those who do it well and that is their keyword research. I can take care of that for you- research keywords you can utilise starting today that will help you “up” your SEO strategy.

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Content strategy

Keyword research is only a part of the Content Strategy. To maintain a successful website and/or a blog, you need to do your keyword research, have content themes, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, content, and creatives in place.



 Have any other content services you would like me to cover? Get in touch and we can discuss that as well.

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